Hours Available:

Monday: By Appt. Only

Tuesday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Sunday: Closed



Tel: 301-392-9663

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The Premier Southern Maryland Groomer
305 Centennial Street, La Plata, MD
Unit A

Welcome to Bark Of The Town Pet Spa! A secret hideaway for the most distinguished pooches, pampered kitties, furry pets and feathered friends. No bones about it...we take pride in being your quaint and cozy neighborhood pet salon. We offer top quality, professional grooming services at fabulous prices. Our focus is to always make your four legged family member look and feel glamorous. Our attention to detail paired with our tender loving care is what sets us above the rest. Bark Of The Town will quickly become one of your pets favorite places...a place where they will always be our best friend!

Our pet spa is located in Downtown LaPlata, Maryland, just steps away from the Town Hall. Bark Of The Town is tucked away at the end of Centennial Street behind The Charles Restaurant. You may have a "ruff" time spotting us!

Come see us soon! Pets are Bragging; Tails are Wagging!



Bark of the town celebrities

Packages Available

- Oatmeal Shampoo

- Brushed Out

- Blow Dry

- Nails Cut and File

- Ears Cleaned and Plucked

- Pads Shaved and Finishing Touch

- Our Bath and Brush Package 

- Sanitary Trim

- Full Haircut and Style

- Cologne

Bath & Brush Package

Full groom package

Small Bath.  Approx. 0-20lbs

- Short Hair                   starting at $30

- Medium-Long Coat   starting at $40

- Double Coat              starting at $55

Small Full Groom     Approx. 0-20lbs

- Single Coat          starting at $60

- Double Coat        starting at $75

Medium Bath     Approx. 21-50lbs.

- Short Hair                    starting at $40

- Medium-Long Coat    starting at $50

- Double Coat               starting at $65

Medium Full Groom   Approx. 21-50lbs

- Single Coat            starting at $70

- Double Coat          starting at $85

Large Bath   Approx. 51-90lbs

- Short Hair                     starting at $50

- Medium-Long Coat    starting at $60

- Double Coat                starting at $75

Large Full Groom    Approx. 51-90lbs

- Single Coat            starting at $80

- Double Coat          starting at $95

Extra Large Bath       Approx. 91 +lbs

- Short Hair                     starting at $60

- Medium-Long Coat    starting at $70

- Double Coat                starting at $85


- All Coats            starting at $70

Extra Large Full Groom Approx. 91 +lbs

- Single Coat             starting at $110

- Double Coat           starting at $125


- All Coats                  starting at $95

All Prices listed are only an estimate and are based on pets that are regularly groomed (every 4-6 weeks). Prices may vary due to coat conditions and pet temperament


Luxury Spa Packages

- Relaxing Bath

- Speciality Shampoo & Conditioner

- Facial

- Paw Soak

- Nose & Paw Moisturizer 

- Tooth Gel



- De-Shed Treatment     Starting at $25

- Nails (Clipped & Filed)                   $20

- Nails (Clipped)                                $15

- Facial                                               $10

- Speciality Shampoo                       $10

- Tooth Gel                                        $5

- Nose & Paw Treatment                  $5


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